Schuylkill River & Urban Waters Research Corps Archive

This Schuylkill Corps Archive holds a public collection of research materials and engagement projects designed to document the past, explore the present, and envision the possible futures of Philadelphia's urban waters. A collaborative initiative managed by the Penn Program in Environmental Humanities with support from the Penn Libraries, we encourage and appreciate your contributions!


The Schuylkill River and Urban Waters Research Corps is a public, cooperative research collective whose work began in spring 2016. At present, it is co-organized by Professors Peter DeCarlo (Drexel Air Resources Research Laboratory) and Bethany Wiggin (Penn Program in Environmental Humanities) and includes contributions from an array of community partners. Collections range from documentation of teaching + learning communities to presentations of public engagement projects. We are developing exhibits that add context to the collections and, gradually, curating self-guided and interactive mobile tours. Write to us @


Collections include River Corps visioning materials; River Seminar presentations; oral histories; historical maps, texts, and visual documents; Ecotopian Tools; and others contributions by teaching + learning communities along and on Philadelphia's urban waters.


Exhibits offer more curated opportunities to consider items drawn from our collections and the stories they offer. 


These digital tours allow you to explore Philadelphia's waters from a variety of perspectives and vantagepoints. One tour, developed by E.D.G.E. (Encouraging Development of a Green Economy), explores the air and water around the oil refinery; another offers views captured by Summer High School Interns at Bartram's Garden Community Boathouse. Stay tuned for more!


This map locates the River Corps's items on a greater Philadelphia-area map.


Contribute your river knowledge and experience.

Schuylkill River & Urban Waters Research Corps Archive